The Push Back to Governments Outlawing People Leaving their LGBT Lives.

Our governments are trampling on people’s rights to personal happiness by passing laws that will make it illegal for people who have unwanted same-sex attraction or unwanted Gender Dysphoria to get any assistance or help at all. They claim no-one leaves their LGBT lives and that all therapy hurts people. Professional counseling, medical assistance, prayer or support groups, even parental advice to children, are all now being labeled as Conversion therapy.
This portal provided Ex LGBT people with a platform to tell our politicians, lawmakers and the public about their lives. They shared what their  lives were like living as LGBT people, how they went about  leaving their LGBT lives, and  the quality of their lives afterwards. In answering a short questionnaire they gave us the opportunity to compile statistics that we put into the Free To Change Study, Research and Reality. The results far exceeded our expectations.
Download the Free To Change RESEARCH AND REALITY Survey Summary from here.
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How the Study Came About
We Sent a Message to Former LGBTQ Persons  – We Need Your Help
How This Portal Worked
Ex LGBT people logged in, answered a short questionnaire and then were able to lodge their life story as a video, a voice recording or a written document. If needed, they were shown how to blur their faces and mask their voices. We carefully vetted each participant to ensure the validity of their testimonies.
Their investment of 10 to 15 minutes,  has the potential to make a life-time of difference for others.
This Survey is now closed with a resultant telling study. A big thank you to all those who were involved. Especially those who contributed to the study. It took great courage to stand up for the human rights of your brothers and sisters and we would like to acknowledge that commitment.
Voice of the Voiceless