The Push Back to Governments Outlawing People Leaving their LGBTIQ Lives.

Are You an Ex LGBTQ Person?  We Need Your Help.

Our governments are trampling on people’s rights to personal happiness by passing laws that will make it illegal for people who have unwanted same-sex attraction or unwanted Gender Dysphoria to get any assistance or help at all.  They claim no-one leaves their LGBTQ lives and that all therapy hurts people. Professional counselling, medical assistance, prayer or support groups, even parental advice to children, are all now being labeled as Conversion therapy.

How This Portal Works.

If you are an Ex LGBTQ person here is your opportunity to tell our politicians and lawmakers about your life. This portal will allow you to talk about how your life was before, how you changed it and what it is like now. You can log in, answer a short questionnaire and then be able to lodge your story as a video, in a voice recording or a written document, If you want to, we will show you how to blur your face and mask you voice.

Your investment of 10 to 15 minutes, can make a life-time of difference for others.

To get started on your journey of helping others

How to Register Your Name.

Having started above:-

  • Enter your real name for verification.
  • Tick the Privacy Policy box. (Read the Privacy terms first.)
  • Create a Nickname or Alias for a secret identity.
  • Fill in the profile questionnaire.
  • Enter your email and a password.
  • Enter the security code and press Submit.
  • Go to your emails and verify the activation (remember to check your spam).
  • Store your password safely.

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How to Upload Your Story.

  • Make sure you are Logged into your registered account.
  • You will now be on the My Story page.
  • Click on the picture with your type of Your Story. (Written, recorded, or video).
  • Search for your story file on your device.
  • Upload your story file.
  • Tick the Private or Public viewing option.
  • When Finished uploading, not before, press Submit.

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How to Mask Your Voice or Face.

(Remember all your information is strictly private.)

CAUSE is working together with a number of professional people who will use your information to produce a paper to counter the misinformation that governments are promoting. It is only people like you who have come out these lives, by sharing your stories of change, who can stop governments oppressing vulnerable people. To do that our professionals need your story of change. To be effective and help others with unwanted feelings we are looking for many stories of change. This makes what you have to say incredibly important.

People who have already shared their stories.

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CAUSE – Free To Change Interim Survey Results.

Free To Change Interim Survey Video Presentation.

Click to Read The current Media Release & Interim Survey Results.

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The Conversion Therapy Legislation Pushback Campaign.

The MUST STAY GAY Bill Oppressing the LGBT community.

Help Spread The Word.

We have produced a printable A5 PDF brochure that you can download  and share with others. Click on the image and download the brochure. You can print it out or send it by electronic means to others you think may be able to assist.

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For more information as to who CAUSE are please read the FAQ’s or contact us.

If you need more information or help please click here -> Contact us.