Former LGBT People In This Survey Share Their Video, Audio & Written Stories of  Change.

Video Stories

Written Stories

Laurie J. – Former Lesbian.
It can be very hard thing to explain who you once were and where you are now. Sexual abuse, neglect, harassment, a lack of bonding with parents whether intentional or not, may play a role in forming those of us who struggle with same sex attraction.
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Alan G. – Former Gay Man.
Alan’s Journey ~A Description of My Therapy Experience By Alan G.
How can therapy benefit a person a person who is sexually attracted to their own sex?

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By Ali Jaffery – Former Gay Man.
I remember being as young as five when I realised I was different; I wasn’t one of the boys. This lack of belonging, feeling of ‘otherness’ and isolation formed most of my childhood.
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Bilal Ali. – Former Gay Man.
In the Name of God the Most Gracious the Ever Merciful,
My pseudonym is Bilal Ali. I am from the UK and I am a practising Muslim with a South-Asian background. Thank you so much for stopping by to read about my SSA experience. It really means a lot to me and I hope you will find it insightful and beneficial.
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Billy. – Former Transgender.
My name is Billy and I use to be transgender, but I am no longer. My journey to where I am today is long and convoluted, but I’ll share highlights of my initial struggles, of the process to change my outward appearance from male to female, and what happened to prompt me to return to presenting myself as my birth gender, male. Let’s dive in!
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Claire’s Story.– Former Lesbian.
Names have been changed to protect privacy.
SUMMARY: I was involved in same sex relationships for ten years, I was “out” to family and friends, was not attracted to men and even “settled down” with a woman and bought a house with her. Several years later, – following meeting with a psychiatrist, a psychologist and pastoral support, as well as after time getting to know myself, and discovering and accepting God’s plan for gender and sexuality, – I have left that lifestyle, and am married to a man I love deeply, and have no interest in same sex behavior.
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Dani. – Former Lesbian.
 I am an Australian woman with same-gender attraction. I was aware of my same-gender attraction from about 15 years of age. At that time I was very young, naive and unsure what to do.
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Daniel Mingo. Ministry Director.
– Former Gay Man.
Testimony Rewrite 2018  “Beyond Surviving” 10-minute version.
Abba’s Delight.
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Erin. – Former Transgender.
I never thought I would publicly share such deeply personal things about my past, but I feel like I must, because I was a transgender child.
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Hemi. – Former Gay Man.
How my life was while I was practicing a homosexual lifestyle: I was living a life sort of in my own world, my relationships with friends would never last more than a couple months because I didn’t feel I belonged anywhere, my relationships with family was temperamental as I would move from home to home (many times because of my behavior) I was using drugs at the ages of 13-14
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Ian Lind. – Former Gay Man.
Testimony (Short version)
When I first asked the lord to come into my life I was about 12 years old, It really excited me that I was going to be “Born Again” for 2 reasons.
1        I hated my life as it was, I never felt like I belonged
2        To start over again was too exciting
To cut a long story short my experience was cut short as my mum hated the thought of me being born again and wouldn’t let me go to church or fellowship with the next door neighbours who introduced me to the church, they taught me the lords prayer and gave me a Bible so I could read when mum wasn’t around.
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Mitch. – Former Lesbian.
For as young as 5 years of age, I knew I was gay. My mom, crippled with her own fear had indoctrinated me that all men were the same – that you can’t trust them, they will surely end up cheating on you. My dad was emotionally absent even up till now. I led a double life hiding the truth from them, until I decided to find those like me during university.
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Rose Writers. Former Same-Sex Attracted.
(Rev 01)
At a very young age, I tragically lost my father, which also resulted in a one year period of separation from my entire family. As a young teenager, and over the course of some years, I was sexually abused, by an older male. These three factors had a huge impact on my life.
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James. – Former gay man.
“When a Health Minister tells those who’ve been sexually abused, raped or emotionally neglected that “there is nothing wrong with you… you can’t be fixed because you are not broken”, then you have to start asking who really is sick, who is spreading sick lies – and why?”
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