Conversion Therapy Pushback FAQs
Who are CAUSE?
CAUSE (Coalition Against Unsafe Sexual Education) was convened in January 2018 to unite various groups who formed due to concerned parents responding to inappropriate sexual education in schools. As subsequent issue CAUSE has become involved in the debate over the human rights of people to determine their sexual orientation and to seek assistance in doing so. Further, for the rights of parents to guide and seek assistance for their children with their sexual
What do we mean when we refer to LGBT?
As this group of people continues to add variations, we use the term LGBT throughout this site to be inclusive of all variations of sexual orientations and gender identities
What Stand Does CAUSE Have As Regards LGBT Children?
Every single child is important and valued. Studies over past decades have shown that around 10% of children have some level of sexual confusion. The studies also show that  80 -95% of those children, if given proper support, will align with their natal sex and live normal heterosexual lives. A small percentage will align with their natal sex and become homosexual. A teeny number remain gender dysphoric.
These children, as do all children, deserve respect and protection.
What is Meant by Ex LGBT?
This term specifically refers to people who have, or had, unwanted same-sex attraction or gender confusion and have or are changing their lives so as to not live according to LGBTIQ orientations, or identities contrary to their biological sex.
The people in this group vary from those who are still same-sex attracted but celibate, to those who were same-sex attracted but now consider themselves as heterosexual and inclusive of all those in between those extremes.
The Ex LGBT group includes those who are still suffering gender dysphoric but are not affirming, to those who no longer suffer gender dysphoria. This group includes those who had transitioned to living as the opposite sex and who have, or are detransitioning.
What is Meant by Conversion Therapy?
Under the name of Conversion Therapy governments include any and all methods used to assist someone to change their sexual orientation or identity to being heterosexual, or in the case of gender dysphoria, to align with their biological sex.
The Preventing Harm, Promoting Justice paper that La Trobe University in Australia produced to assist governments wanting to pass conversion therapy legislation in states, in Section 3, “Conversion Therapy is an umbrella term used to describe attempts to ‘convert’ people from diverse sexual and gender identities to an exclusively heterosexual and cisgender identity.”
Under the Conversion Therapy umbrella they include aversion therapies such as electroshock therapy, which was only applied by psychiatrists in medical clinics over 30 years ago. The paper even refers to ” corrective rape”, physical abuse and ice baths as therapies. None of which would occur legally in western counties today.
The Conversion Therapy term includes medical doctors assisting parents with gender dysphoric children, psychiatrists and psychologists, professional counselors, religious leaders, Ex LGBT ministries, support groups, prayer and even peer support. All of which are claimed to be harmful.
Further in Section 1.1 BACKGROUND
“Psychological research has produced overwhelming clinical evidence that practices aimed at the reorientation of LGBT people do not work and are both harmful and unethical….”  and then “….In 2014, nine ex-leaders of the ‘Gay Conversion Therapy Movement’ offered a public apology for the damage their movement had caused. ‘We now stand united in our conviction,’ they said, ‘that conversion therapy is not “therapy” but is instead ineffectual and harmful’”.
The paper uses the word “harmful 24 times in the body of the paper but not once explores the positive outcomes of modern counseling and support.
Interestingly it would seem that no therapists have been brought before their medical boards to be chastised or deregistered for what would be considered “conversion therapy” abuses as outlined above.
What is The Profile in the Survey?
So as to provide a Profile to the change Ex LGBT people experience, there is a short series of questions that show how effective the change in a person’s life has been. This is part of the account when a person opens it. It is a very important part of this survey as it gives our academics real statistics to work with.  If you then have a story that you can submit, that then gives credibility to the Profile you submitted.
What is The La Trobe Study That Politicians Are Referring To?
This study is titled: Preventing Harm, Promoting Justice.  Click -> To downloaded it here.
Dr. Con Kafataris wrote a critique of the La Trobe study. Click -> To download it here.
Could People Contribute To the Study If  They Left Their LGBT Life But Had No Assistance?
Even if they had not received help/assistance on their journey, we still greatly valued their contribution to the data we collected. We wanted to hear from such people their perspective how certain life indicators have been impacted over the course of their journey. Such a story speaks strongly for advocating positive change, and also has the ability to enable that help remains available for others in the future.
Could People Contribute If They No Longer Live An LGBT Life But Still Have An LGBT Identity?
People who leave their LGBT life don’t lose their LGBT identities instantly, or for many, totally ever. People who live as ex LGBT range from those who are still same-sex attracted but celibate to those who no longer have any same sex attraction. Or those who are still gender dysphoric but live as their natal sex  to those who no longer suffer any gender dysphoria.
The point of this survey is to locate people who have successfully moved on from actively living their former LGBT lives and in doing so have experienced an overall positive result. There may be areas that are not as positive as one might hope for, but that goes for every aspect of human life.
We greatly appreciated and incorporated such contribution into the study.
Did Participants in the Study Risk Losing Their Jobs or Family Relationships.
We are very aware that for some people to share their stories could come at a cost if their identity was made known. We took as many steps as possible to ensure that their identity remained hidden. These steps include:
  • Being able to registering with an alias name
  • Providing apps which allowed any video or audio testimonies to be disguised (or helping to edit their video or audio story to disguise their identity)
  • We providing the ability  for participants to select to not have their story made public. These were only to be viewed by the academics who evaluated the data.
  • Engaging various security measures on our website. To be completely transparent, no system in the world wide web is 100% foolproof. However, we place each person’s vulnerable story at highest priority to keep it anonymous if that was their request.
What if Participants Didn’t Know How To, or Required Help With, Making a Video?
We assisted by doing online and in person  recorded interviews. If requested, the videos were pixelated and the voices masked. We then sent the video to the participant for their approval. It was then up to them to upload their video story to the website.