Campaigns Opposing Conversion Therapy Legislations.

The State of  NSW, Australia Campaign.

Conversion Therapy Laws are imminent in NSW. We need to join our voices together to push back.
“Conversion Therapy Legislation” The YOU  MUST STAY GAY, YOU MUST STAY  TRANS Bill’s attack on LGBT people.
There are myriads of people who have and are leaving their LGBT lives permanently, who in doing so, as studies are showing, improve their lives dramatically.
Many of the Ex LGBT say they would have suicided if they had not had access to counselors.
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Join the Parents Campaign to Protect Our Children – NSW 24 Sept 2024

Parents Protest Banner 2- Sydney 24 Sept 2023
Official Video of the Parental Rights Protest in Sydney, Sept 24th. 2023
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Online Parliamentary Petition - NSW - Fixed

The ePetition “Refer the Proposed Conversion Therapy Legislation to a Joint Parliamentary Select Committee to ensure that the Government honours its Election Promises” is now open for signatures on the NSW Parliament website

The ePetition text in full is:

To the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly, the undersigned petitioners of New South Wales request that the Legislative Assembly call on the Government to honour its election promises made regarding the NSW Conversion Therapy Legislation, and further ensure that:
• the NSW legislation will NOT be modelled on the Victorian Change or Suppression (Conversion) Practices Prohibition Act or on the Member for Sydney’s Conversion Practices Prohibition Bill 2023.
• the public are provided with detailed definitions of the “dangerous and damaging” conversion practices that are to be banned.
• that religious freedom is protected by protecting religious teaching, prayer, and religious guidance on gender and sexuality and
• any legislation must not prevent individuals from seeking voluntary medical, allied health, or other advice and assistance regarding their personal circumstances, or an individual, at their own consent, seeking guidance through prayer.
• any legislation addressing conversion therapy must clearly differentiate between coercive practices and religious interventions. This distinction ensures that genuine religious activities are not inadvertently criminalised.
• there is stakeholder involvement in drafting any new legislation, which includes engaging religious institutions, faith leaders, and community representatives in the legislative process. Their insights can help craft nuanced policies that respect religious freedoms while addressing the core issues.
• there is a full and thorough review of the legislation by referring the proposed legislation to a Parliamentary Select Committee for review prior to presentation of the bill to Parliament.

Click Here -> Petition Opposing NSW Conversion Therapy Legislation.

NSW Multifaith Conversion Therapy Handout.

The Truth About The Danger Of Puberty Blockers Being Feed To Children With Gender Confusion.

NSW Conversion Therapy legislation Errors By Dot Point

Wendy Francis From The Australian Christian Lobby’s talks to two mums who lost their kids to the Transgender movement.
A Written Interview With A Mother Who Lost Her Daughter To The Transgender Ideology.