Campaigns Opposing Conversion Therapy Legislations.

The State of Victoria, Australia Campaign.

Conversion Therapy Laws are imminent in Victoria. We need to join our voices together to push back.
“Conversion Therapy Legislation” The YOU  MUST STAY GAY, YOU MUST STAY  TRANS Bill’s attack on LGBT people.

Four highly qualified speakers on the Law, Politics, Medical & Psychological aspects of Conversion Therapy Legislation spoke about the dishonesty of what Conversion Therapy is portrayed as and the underlying motives of the LGBT community and Governments.

There were plenty of demonstrations that people do leave their LGBT lives permanently, that in doing so improved their lives dramatically.

Many of the Ex LGBT say they would have suicided if they had not had access to counselors.

Conversion Therapy Zoom Symposium.

Ali. I was a Gay Man. Listen to My Story.
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Wilna. I was a former Lesbian. Listen to My Story.
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Kathy Grace Duncan

Listen To The Four Speakers.

It should be noted that they spoke on the 21st of Nov. Four days later the Victoria government introduced a bill into the parliament, the ferociousness of which these men never anticipated when they were giving their talks and answering questions.

Prof John Whitehall _Web_Size
Professor John Whitehall.
is paediatrician who has studied, written and spoken on childhood gender dysphoria. Professor Whitehall explains how the very treatments used to treat gender dysphoria perpetuate it, when if children are properly counseled and supported, the vast majority will grow out of it.
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David Pickup_2
Dr David Pickup.
is a specialist psychologist who counsels people helping them to leave their LGBT lives behind. Dr. Pickup talks about the counseling his clinic gives and the great success of many of his clients.
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Q & A Picture_Web_Size
Q & A
These four men give their answers to the hard questions as to what “Conversion Therapy” Laws The YOU MUST STAY GAY, STAY TRANS oppression of the LGBT community, professionals, parents and the community will mean for our society.
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Patrick Parkinson_Web_Size
Professor Patrick Parkinson.
is an expert in the law speaking on human rights. Professor Parkinson discusses the legal implications for families, professionals and religious leaders when living under conversion therapy laws.
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Dr Con Kafataris Web_Size
Dr Con Kafataris.
is a political activist opposing Conversion Therapy Laws. Dr. Kafataris explains the trail from where we were as a Christian nation upholding Christian principles to where we are today. He explains how and why we must all engage with politicians if Australia is to regain its moral roots.
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This 4 minute video dispels the untruths told by the LGBT Lobby.
People do leave their LGBT lives. Many use professional and religious counselors. Their lives improve dramatically. They are NOT HURT by counseling. They DO NOT return to their LGBT Lives!
Conversion Therapy Legislation – The MUST STAY GAY & TRANS Bill that will Remove the freedoms of LGBT People to seek their personal happiness.
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Conversion Therapy Points of Issue